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Aston Martin DB4 'Vantage'

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Aston Martin DB4 Convertible Series 5 Vantage

Incredibly well cared for DB4 convertible, one of just five RHD Series 5 cars with the Vantage engine.



The Aston Martin DB4 was first unveiled at the 1958 London Motor Show and production ran until 1963 with around 1,200 cars being produced in total. The DB4 featured a new twin-cam six-cylinder engine designed by Tadek Marek and producing 240 bhp. The car also featured disc brakes all round allowing the DB4 to accelerate to 100mph and then back to rest again in under 30 seconds, the first production car capable of doing such. 

The convertible version was introduced in 1961 with just 70 cars being ordered in this format. 1961 also saw the introduction of a 'Special Series' or 'Vantage" engine as an option on the DB4. The 'Vantage' featured longer valves, a 9.0:1 compression ratio, and triple SU HD8 carburettors and produced 266 bhp, 26bhp more than standard.

The car we are delighted to offer is a 1963 example and one of just five right-hand drive Series 5 DB4 Convertibles produced with the uprated 'Vantage' engine. It was first sold via Mill Garages in April 1963 to a Mr A G P Ramsay of Northumberland and featured the Special Series engine, oil cooler, and safety belts as non-standard optional extras. The car was purchased by a Mr Lincoln in 1984 who kept the car for some 26 years before selling it in 2010 to an avid Aston Martin enthusiast. 

The car has been incredibly well cared for during its entire life and retains a vast amount of documented maintenance work carried out by various Aston Martin specialists, including Trinity Engineering, as well as service records and MOTs dating back to 1984. It is clear that this car has been subject to a no-expense-spared life with extensive cosmetic and mechanical maintenance totalling over £60,000 since 2009. Over the past 10 years the car has been driven sparingly, regularly maintained and stored in a climate controlled dedicated car storage facility.

As a result of its extensive service and maintenance records, the car sits today in superb condition wearing its original Midnight Blue and Dark Blue Connolly leather colour combination and showing just under 45,750 miles. The DB4 Convertibles with the uprated 'Vantage' engine are the most highly sought after with this incredibly rare RHD version being a fantastic addition to any classic car collection. Contact us now to find out more information about this stunning vehicle. 


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