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Shelby Cobra 289

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Shelby Cobra 289 Street Roadster CV

The very first 289 Street Roadster in the CSX8000 series. Featuring a 1965 K code 289 V8 and 'Daytona' reinforced chassis . The first polished aluminum bodied car to ever leave Shelby American.

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There are a small number of enthusiasts who prefer the look of the original small block Cobra. The 'slab-sided' body, as it has come to be called - because it does not have the protruding fender flares that competition cars need to cover their wider wheels and larger tyres - is the classic Cobra, Rear-exiting exhaust, no hood scoop, oil cooler scoop, quick jacks or roll bar; this is a pure Cobra that does not pretend to be something it never was.

Out of the 655 original small block, leaf spring Cobras produced, only about 10% started life (i.e. came from the factory) as race cars. They have enough of a following that when Shelby Automobiles thought about a third model to duplicate, they did not have far to look.

Production was low, primarily because the previous two models, the CSX4000 and CSX7000 cars, are more popular and, thus, were the first series of cars to be built. Some buyers, who might have preferred a slab-sided Cobra, did not have the option at the time, so they had to choose one of the other two. Having made that purchase, many decided to live with it. After all, owning a CSX4000 or CSX7000 is not a bad place to be.

The car we are offering here is a very special example of the CSX8000 CV (Continuation Vehicle) series. After the project beginning, as a CSX7000, at Shelby American in September 1997, it was completed in December 2002 and was the first polished aluminium 'slab-sided' bodied 289 street car to leave Shelby American. It is powered by a 1965 'K' 289 with Weber carburetors that the factory fitted to a Daytona Coupe sub-chassis bracing for their exacting customer, who put in a great deal of effort and time with Don Rager (the then President of the Company) to build this unique Cobra.

Other factory features include Tremec 5-Speed transmission, oil cooler with remote filter, heater/defroster, 17'' x 18.5'' SS steel knock-offs, chromed roll bar 15'' steering wheel, hidden air conditioning. Further features that have been since sympathetically added, so entirely reversible, include halogen bulbs, stereo amp base and speakers (hidden unit with iPhone/connector), servo on the brakes, air horn and three point saftey belts.

This car, personally authenticated by Carroll Shelby himself, is the very first CSX8000 production vehicle in the Shelby American Inc. series of component vehicles to be produced in Las Vegas - which makes it a true collectors piece. It is also one of the very few, potentially the only, to have an original 1965 factory K code 289 engine, famous for defeating Ferrari at Le Mans for the 1965 World Sports Car Championship.

The story behind this very special Cobra is compelling - fully documented in its very thorough and extensive history file, including all the correspondence between the commisioning first owner and the factory dating back to the 1990's.

Please call or visit us at the showroom for more information on this very unique Shelby Cobra 289 Street Roadster.


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